Information About Legal Fees

Legal fees

Every legal case will be unique. Each case will have its own facts, complexities, and characters. This means it is generally not practicable for lawyers to advertise how much they will charge for every particular type of matter. Plus, there are laws that regulate how lawyers disclose their costs to potential clients.

Before I enter into a lawyer/client relationship with you, I will want to get to know a bit about your circumstances. This may involve me meeting up with you, talking over the phone or webcam, or reading through some of the documents that you say are relevant to your case. Once I have an understanding about what your case is about, I will send you two documents.

  • The first document will be my costs disclosure document. It will disclose my estimate of legal costs to run your matter, and will set out what some of your rights will be if I agree to take you on as a client.
  • The second document will be a costs agreement. A costs agreement is a type of contract. I will only agree to be your lawyer once we have entered into a contract about how costs will work.

As a general rule, my charge-out rate is $275 per hour (inc. GST).

Please make an appointment with me if you would like to find out more about how much it might cost to run your matter.